Who is Tag Digital Studios

We forge tools for you to succeed on the web

Tag Digital Studios is a group of passionate, skilled, and motivated people who want to help you to succeed on the web. We can’t wait to learn about your business and help your next project be a success. We can use our skill and experience to help with:

  • Creating a new product or service
  • Building your next aewesome website.
  • Improving your online commucation
  • Guiding and building your mobile strategy.
  • Change the way you do business on the web.

Custom-built web-based solutions

Tag Digital Studios Inc. is an established web development company committed to crafting expert results for its clients. From simple tools to complex processes, Tag Digital Studios Inc. customizes web-based business applications, giving its customers a unique voice in today’s digital community.

At Tag Digital Studios Inc., you are partnering with a highly skilled team, ready to create custom tools for your web needs. Your business is unique, just like you. With your knowledge and our expertise, we can design exactly what you need to make your own distinctive mark on the web.

We specialize in custom, hand-crafted applications for your business, web sites to communicate effectively with your customers and mobile-ready digital environments so you can reach everyone. Think of us as modern day craftsmen, creating the tools you need in this growing digital community. Whether you need a uniquely designed web page, a template that will make business easier or a successful email marketing campaign, we can help.

We value your knowledge and expertise. Together with our skilled network, our partnership will result in software that exceeds your expectations. We guarantee it.

We specialize in agile methodologies, Ruby on Rails, mobile web development, Rails team training, application deployment planning, PHP, user-focused interface development and project management. As far as front-end development, we’re fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and a few other languages too (along with Photoshop and the other relevant tools). We can help you with your project from the initial discussions through to completion or we can jump in at any point along the way.

If you are looking for a dynamic web site, we can collaborate to develop one that meets your unique business objectives and helps you communicate with current and future clients. If you need something that we don’t do directly, chances are we know someone who does. Just ask. We can help. We are committed to making sure you get exactly what you need. When it comes to web solutions of any kind, we’re it.

Straightforward, Clear, Honest Communication

Outstanding value for your investment

Creative, simple solutions to complex problems

Old world sensibilities, new world technologies.


Tim Glen – Tag Digital Studios Inc.

My name is Tim Glen. I own and operate Tag Digital Studios Inc. from Guelph, Ontario (just west of Toronto). We work with clients and developers across North America, hand crafting custom web-based solutions to help you do business on the web better, faster and easier.

Find your unique voice on the web with Tag Digital Studios Inc.

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