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We have completed many projects over the years and we are passionate about hand crafting a great, custom experience for the users of all our websites and applications. We have worked with all types of organizations, from huge multinationals to startups. Regardless of the size of the organization, we can work with you to craft a great website that supports your organizations online strategies.


Yogabed is a rapidly growing, online mattress startup company. They have been part of a major shift in the bedding industry towards online only, direct-to-consumer sales. Getting an online store off the ground successfully involves many technical challenges. Tag has been there to help Yogabed each step of the way. Working with Catalpa Group for design, we developed their custom storefront from the ground up, covering everything from the user experience to complex back-end systems that automate their logistics and distribution. We effectively bridged the gap between a geographically distributed team: the branding agency, the owners and the distributors, taking the time to understand the needs of all parties. We continue to work with the Yogabed team on a daily basis, improving and expanding the system to fit their changing needs.

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Power To Change

Power To Change is a non-profit organization that inspires people through trips around the world, campus ministries and other christian ministries. They came to Tag with a need to redevelop their trip management software, the Project Application Tool (PAT). The system manages everything from trip applications, flight itineraries, support raising and donations. We worked alongside them to understand how the tool was being used, and came up with a redesigned system that was cleaner, faster, and most importantly, easier to use.


Kinross Gold Corporation

Kinross is a gold mining company based in Toronto that operates internationally. Every two years, Kinross creates a Corporate Responsibility Report to show staff and both current and potential investors how they are managing their projects. Kinross had an epic story to tell and needed a website to do it justice. One of their main concerns was that the site would be available on any browser or device since many of their internationally-based workers only have access to smart phones. Tag responded by using responsive design to automatically adjust to the size of the browser accessing it. Open the page and try slowly resizing your browser window smaller to see how it works.

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Catalpa Group

Catalpa Group is a Montreal-based branding agency whom Tag partners with frequently to create brand-centric websites for a wide variety of clients. When Catalpa needed to redevelop their own website, they came to Tag for our technical expertise. They needed a site that both reflected their own brand and displayed the diverse brands they work with. We developed a modern site for Catalpa that captured the sleek look and feel that they wanted, while still being easy to use and responsive on all devices.

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Young Life Canada

Young Life Canada is a charity that strives to “create meaningful, mentoring relationships between leaders and teens”. Tag developed a camp registration system specifically tailored to the needs of their British Columbia-based summer camp. The project presented a unique situation whereby registrations could be paid for in several ways, including public donations. We worked alongside their IT director to understand the specific requirements of the system and developed a custom application that fit within their budget.


Along with the above stories, we have also done work for the following clients, some before Tag Digital Studios Inc. was started and many of them since:

  • Arcurve
  • Be’ato Coffee
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Catalpa Group
  • Epic Roofing
  • Gran Tierra Energy Inc
  • Guelph Vineyard Christian Fellowship
  • Kinross Gold Corporation
  • Louisville Bedding
  • Nexen Inc.
  • Rockyview Enterprises
  • Shift Networks
  • Smith + Associates
  • Talisman Energy Inc.
  • The Meeting House
  • Travel AlbertA


Tim Glen – Tag Digital Studios Inc.

My name is Tim Glen. I own and operate Tag Digital Studios Inc. from Guelph, Ontario (just west of Toronto). We work with clients and developers across North America, hand crafting custom web-based solutions to help you do business on the web better, faster and easier.

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