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One of our main values is to make our clients look like heroes. If you don’t look good by the time we’re done, then we haven’t done our job. Here are a few things that our clients have said about us.

We rely on Tag to get the job done and done right. Although we have not worked with them in person, it is a smooth process to work together from a distance. If we want something changed, they are accessible and flexible and offer professional advice and expertise when presented with a challenge. They interpret our designs well in the work that they produce and are focused on making it functional. In our line of business, it is key that we have reliable groups to work with and Tag is one of them.

Smith + Associates
Gail Smith and Sue McGillivray, senior designer

Creating a website or any type of online app is an incredibly complicated thing. The reason that Tag is so successful is that they take a complicated concept and put it in terms that anyone can understand. Every website is different, every objective and strategy is different. The one thing that is consistent is Tag Digital Studios' patience and approachability.

Catalpa Group Inc.
Michael Schmidt, Vice President / Creative Director

Tag Digital Studios does quality work and they are really easy to work with. It is consistently "good enough" - precisely good enough to meet the goal, neither over or under developing. They are also able to communicate extremely well and bridge the gap between the technical and human worlds.

Jay Baydala, Founder

Tim always delivers what he promises and gives quality work on time and on budget. We will continue to use his services now and in the future.

nonfiction studios inc.
Darron Froese, Owner

We are most grateful to people like youself because without your support, we do not have the ability or the funds needed to put together a website of the quality you provided us. We feel that our new website will be user-friendly and build confidence toward the services we offer and the clinic we provide for the mental health and wellbeing of the Montreal community. This is something that is very dear to all of us working at the Argyle Institute.

Argyle Institute
Carmela Midel, M.A.m M.Ed., Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Marital Therapist
President, Argyle Institute


Tim Glen – Tag Digital Studios Inc.

My name is Tim Glen. I own and operate Tag Digital Studios Inc. from Guelph, Ontario (just west of Toronto). We work with clients and developers across North America, hand crafting custom web-based solutions to help you do business on the web better, faster and easier.

Find your unique voice on the web with Tag Digital Studios Inc.

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